Dr. Sarno

Dr. Dawn M. Sarno

Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Clemson University

Dr. Sarno received her PhD in Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2020. Her research interests broadly center around applied visual cognition, aging, working memory, cybersecurity and training.

Dr. Sarno also teaches PSYC 3330: Cognitive Psychology and PSYC 8350: Advanced Human Factors Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Sarno is involved in the Cyber Crime & Psych and Media Forensics Hub Creative Inquiry Research teams at Clemson.

Jeff Black

Human Factors PhD Student, Psychology Department, Clemson University

I'm a graduate student in Clemson's human factors psychology program studying under Dr. Dawn Sarno. In 2021 I finished my bachelor's degree in computer science at Clemson University. In the past I helped develop numerous software projects; however, I'm now more interested in looking at technology through a psychological lens to understand how people use it, how it influences people, and how we can build it to better accommodate people. My specific research interests include psychological considerations in misinformation and fraud, app/game/simulation design, and applied vision science.

Katie Sabo

Katie Sabo

Applied Psychology, Human Factors M.S. Student, Psychology Department, Clemson University

Katie Sabo is currently a graduate student in Clemson's MS Applied Psychology, Human Factors, program and recently graduated with her BA in Psychology from CSULB. Her research interests include accessibility, applied visual cognition, digital health, human factors in health care, individual differences, medical devices, training, UI/UX, and workspace design.

Current Research Assistants

Sydney Chadwick, Claire Gendron, Kelsey Harris, Maggie Harris, Victoria Hill, Hailey Isgett, Jenna Mackiewicz, Elizabeth Paradise, and Bryce Sizemore

Past Research Assistants

Megan Bryant, Piper Koontz, Julie Stokx, Morgan Summers, Madeleine Wolfe


The AVANT Lab welcomes Katie Sabo! She will be joining us in the Fall of 2022 as an Applied Psychology M.S. student with a focus in Human Factors!

AVANT Lab presenting at Clemson's FoCI conference

The AVANT Lab presenting their poster "Fall for one, fall for all: Understanding deception detection in phishing emails, scam texts messages, and fake news headlines" at Clemson's 2022 FoCI.

Dr. Sarno & Maggie Harris presenting at Clemson's CUSRF conference

Dr. Sarno and Maggie Harris presenting their poster "Caught in the net: Predicting phishing susceptibility across the lifespan" at Clemson's 2022 CUSRF.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always looking for new undergraduate students to join our Cyber Crime and Psych CI Team. If you are interested in joining the team please email Dr. Sarno at dmsarno@clemson.edu or submit an application below. If you are a potential graduate student, please contact Dr. Sarno via email.

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