Researching exploring the human element of cybersecuirty

The AVANT Lab is currently exploring why individuals are vulnerable to various cybersecuirty threats such as phishing attacks. Recent work from AVANT's lab director, Dr. Dawn Sarno, suggests that both task factors (e.g., email load, phishing prevalence) and individual differences (e.g., personality, age, impulsivity) contribute to phishing vulnerability.

The AVANT Lab is also developing interventions aimed at improving email classifications. Preliminary findings indicate that persistent interventions, embedded into the users' email systems, may demonstrate the largest performance improvements.


Occulomotor behavior as a measure of attention

The AVANT Lab is equipped with SR Research's Eyelink Portable Duo. This mobile eye-tracking unit measures eye movements at 2000 Hz. Measures such as fixations, saccades, and pupilometry allow us to determine where participants are looking, for how long, and how efficient they are in searching displays. With this mobile unit we are also able to bring research studies to the participant, rather than being confined to the lab.

Applying Visual Cognition to 3D Displays

Can we improve visual cognition with 3D information?

The AVANT Lab is currently exploring how multidimensional displays (i.e., 3D) can improve various aspects of visual cognition. Recent work from Sarno et al., (2019) indicates that multiple depth planes can improve working memory abilities. Currently, the lab is investigating how 3D information improves other aspects of executive function, including inhibitory control and attentional control. These findings can be applied to tasks such as baggage screening and radiology.

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We are always looking for new undergraduate students to join our Cyber Crime and Psych CI Team. If you are interested in joining the team please email Dr. Sarno at or submit an application below. If you are a potential graduate student, please contact Dr. Sarno via email.

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